... simply spread out, watering, finished!

Sowing grass seeds was never easier! All you do is spread out the seed pellets and water – or let the rain do the job for you.


Sowing seed pellets requires minimum effort on your part. Classical preparation methods for sowing grass seeds are not necessary: no need to prepare the soil, no need to cover the seed pellets after sowing. If you wish to repair or replenish existing areas of lawn, simply spread out the seed pellets across the existing area and water.

Key benefits of seed pellets

the efficiency of seeding

The specific weight and shape of the pellets mean they stay in place once they have been spread out. They are heavier than water so will not wash away or collect in puddles. 

The essential ingredients and natural pH of the clay provide optimum conditions for safe and successful germination. Moreover, no soil contact is necessary during the initial germination phase: the seeds embedded in the pellet will begin to germinate on almost any ground, provided they come into contact with water.


Seed pellets do not attract interest from birds and insects. While naked seeds are a popular foodstuff, seed pellets are identified as soil rather than seed, so birds and insects ignore them. 

Comparison of seeds

Seeds - Coated Seeds - Seeds Stick

The pellets typically have a length of 15-20mm, each one containing around 5-10 seeds depending on the respective seed mix. As they are heavier than water, it means that sloped areas can be easily sown, because the seed pellets will not be washed away or displaced by the wind. The seeds contained within the pellets normally come into contact with the soil substrate within one week of sowing.

  • Seed pellets have approx. 25-35% seed content. The remainder comprises of a protective matrix made from the natural material clay.

  • When re-seeding or repairing a lawn, the germination success rate is higher than with naked seed, as a large proportion of naked seed tends to dry out.

  • Pellets contain highest quality seeds, as less seed is required to produce the same result. This means that producing 1kg of seed pellets is less expensive than 1kg of naked seed.

  • Sowing the seed pellets is much easier and more efficient than sowing naked seed, making the sowing process quick, efficient and reliable.


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