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Flower meadow, butterfly meadow, bee meadow, single-variety flowers

The traditional way of sowing flower seeds :

For a successful seeding you need a lot of time for preparation (pre-work), seeding and rework.

  • seeds only germinating in darkness have to be brought under the soil, seeds needing light to germinate have to be put near to soil surface and have to be covered a bit to ensure sufficient soil contact,

  • flower seeds need enough distance to eachother  - more than  grass seeds -  with a big variance depending on the flower type,

  • flower seeds are often very small and make it difficult to place them and to get the right dosis per squaremeter,

  • finally every flower seed sort has its specific ‚sowing window‘ which means that the sowing has to take place at different steps and at different time points after eachother; this also means that flower seeds have to be brought out into existing (‚blossoming‘) areas and cannot be brought simply under the soil; you cannot prepare the soil as necessary and a part of the seed will be ‚lost‘ for sure, higher dosis can compensate partly but without germination guarantee,

  • seed tapes or other tools for small seeds help positioning the seed but good soil contact cannot be achieved and the seed is not protected against insects.


Easy Seed Flower Sticks: saving expenditures; for safe germination and for seed protection


  • application of Easy Seed Sticks simplifies sowing, reduces time, labour and tools needed; furtheron for every seed sort the optimum sowing window can be choosen  -  by simple spreading into existign flower cultures -  no soil work anymore,

  • the pellets contail a soil equivalent preferably of clay and minerals as far as of starch components which perform the glue which keeps the natural components seed, clay and minerals together,

  • the sticks are a natural and biological product, they contain no chemistry nor toxic substances. The clay-starch-matrix has the additional function to protect the seeds to become bird or insect food,

  • the matrix of the pellets is ‚thin‘ enough for light germinators and ‚thick‘ enough for seeds needing darkness to germinate. ‚Dark germinators‘ get matix composition which is dissipating slower; the nutrient supply in both cases is ensured,

  • different from seed tapes the pellets contain the seed until germination embedded safely and furtheron protect the seed against insects and birds.


Not only with lowest expenditure but also very quick

  • no pre-work; simplyspread out onto soil or into existing growing or blossoming flower / meadow areas  -  the rest will be accomplished by the rain  -  a first watering will accelerate this process,

  • no rework; the seeds need not to be covered with soil.



Single-variety flower seed


  • using single-variety flower seed new application options emerge; for an easy and efficient handling the seeds are already in placed in optimized dosis in the pellet,

  • for a precise placement, i. e. also the ‚painting‘ of flower patterns, coloured pellets are available; the colouring is based on natural minerals,

  • (re)seeding of single-variety seed pellets into existing flower or meadows areas enables matching the optimum (ideal) time point for seeding of each variety and finding the optimum placement. The seeds simply can be spread out into existing meadows or flower areas; the matrix takes care of germination safety and protects against drying out or becoming bird or insect food.



Flower mix

  • a well assembled mix of different seed varieties can easily be spread out  -  you simply decide where the  pellets are tob e placed  -  and finished,

  • pellets contain seeds of different varieties in such shares and dosis that germination of the different  varieties is not interfered by eachother,

  • various mix assortments are assembled in such a way that germination and growth time points harmonize with eachother; due to extremely simplified and easy sowing other mixes can be added without pre-work and without rework.


Flower meadows

  • in municipalities and cities as far as in private homes there is a trend emerging in the last years to add flower fields  - bigger or very small -  which not only look nice and colourful but also give room for insects, especially for butterflies and bees, to survive and to find basic food resources,

  • the flower Easy Seed flower meadow mixes also contain the necessary grass seeds in addition to the flower seeds to enable creation and growth of flower meadows. Single-variety flowers can be added to existing grass or lawn meadows simply by spreading out into the grass without soil pre-work or rework.



Availability of products

  • flower seed sticks will be available from September 2017 onwards

  • flower seed sticks will be packed in packages from 20 g to 100g; professional clients with need for higher quantities please contact

  • for special mixes or further information please contact Greenedge 


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