Conventional (naked) grass and lawn seed corns are
-  appr. 0.5 to 3 milligrams heavy
-  appr.  5  to 15 mm long
-  so light that they swims on water  -  and are displaced by rain if not brought deep enough under the soil 
Convential sowing of (naked) grass and lawn seed means that
-  you can expect to lose up to 90% of the seed due to different reasons like birds, rain, wind, drying out etc.
Conventional (naked) seed generally is a mix of different grass sorts  like
-  lolium perenne 
-  festuca rubra
-  poa pratensis 
-  and other grass sorts
Typical germination periods of grass seeds  are
-  lolium perenne   appr.  4 - 6 days
-  festuca rubra  appr.  12-16 days
-  poa pratensis  appr.  15-30 days
-  cynosurus cristatis  appr.  7-15 days
-  phleum pratense  appr.  8-17 days
The longer the germination period the stronger the risk of  losing naked seed remaining for successful germination;
grass and lawn seed pellets from  instant seed  however protect the seed until germination is visible in progress  -  and the above mentioned loses can be minimized to few percent.

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